Hit more bombs, play without pain, and play forever

12 Week program to getting more mobile, stronger, and faster to perform your best on and off the course

Everything a golfer needs to add more yards off the tee, never miss a round due to aches and pains and crush their competition as long as they live

Strength and Mobility Programing
Designed to improve your ability to rotate better, get stronger, and move faster leading to better performance and health on and off the course
Great for all levels of golfers and fitness
Whether you are young or old, new to the gym, a weekend warrior, high-level amateur or professional this program will get you results!
Easy-to-follow workouts on our app that you can take anywhere
Workout at home, in a gym, or on the road with your app-delivered program
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Our Goal is Simple

We help you build a strong, resilient and athletic body so that you gain speed and distance, withstand the repetitive motions of golf and get the most out of your golf game.

Choose this program and gain 10, 20 even 30 yards off the tee

This program will help you add 20+ yards off the tee, play as many rounds a week as you want without pain and beat your golf buddies at any age.

This program was designed by Dr JP Guidry DPT TPI who has helped thousands of golfers of all ages and levels add 20-30 yards off of the tee, play without pesky aches and pains and fight back against father time by improving speed, strength and mobility at any age.

Stop wasting your time and money on the newest clubs and endless lessons and ignoring the most important tool that you have, your body.

Workout around your schedule
This program will transform your game, fitness, and health and is delivered directly to your phone, tablet, and computer. It can be performed anywhere and on your schedule. 
Improve rotational mobility
Improve your ability to rotate leading to a bigger turn, more speed, better movement, less pain and increased longevity.
Build Strength and Power
Build an athletic and powerful body to help you outdrive your friends, take their money and perform your best on and off the course
Increase your distance
You can add 10, 20, 30 yards or more off the tee impressing your buddies and taking their money
“JP is very knowledgeable and has a great set up. He can absolutely help you reach your fitness goals, whatever they are. I’ve been around high-level golfers and coaches for over 20 years and JP is excellent at what he does. Whether you’re looking for speed, power, injury prevention, recovery or longevity, JP can help get you there!”

Matt L.

College Golf Coach

“The best around for sports specific training. If you want to be a champion, you can't do it alone. Build your team and include Dr. John Paul, you have my word you won't be sorry.”

Hoppy S.

PGA Professional

“I have been blown away by the online program by Dr. JP Guidry at Guidry Golf and Sport! It has provided the structure that I desperately needed to get into the best shape I’ve been in for the past 15 years. My going after it swing speed has gone from 115 to 121 and competitive from 106 to 117. I’m getting stronger with each workout and I highly recommend you signing up to work with JP.”

Rudy C.

Avid Golfer & Father of Three

“JP's program works. Speed, strength and flexibility have increased, and I have better feel for my body in space.

I'm a "do-it-yourself" type guy normally, but I can confidently say I would not have hit these speeds trying this on my own through web/YouTube research. I highly recommend you try his program no matter what level you're at, you won't be disappointed!”


Playable = 105 (Average, 10 swings)

All Out Speed = 107 (Average, 10 swings)


Playable speed = 120 (Average, 10 swings)

Max One Swing = 126

Vernon G.

Play Better Today!

12 weeks to getting more mobile, stronger, and faster to perform your best on and off the course!




Strength and Conditioning for Combat Athletes

Unlock your greatest potential, on and off the mat.



Strength and Conditioning for Combat Athletes

Unlock your greatest potential, on and off the mat.

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Everything a Fighter Needs to Gain an Edge on the Mats

100% Privacy Guaranteed


CounterStrike is trusted by the best combat athletes in the world.

Athletes in the UFC, Bellator, NCAA, and ADCC's trust our programming to make them the strongest, fastest, and most well conditioned fighters on the planet.

We bring same training protocols we use for our elite level fighters to combat athletes across the globe.

Join the Team That is Transforming the World of Combat Sports...

Elite Performance...


Elite Performance... Guaranteed.

CounterStrike is the most scientifically advanced strength and conditioning team in combat sports today.

Our training protocols match those of the UFC Performance Institute.

When you join team CounterStrike, you'll get...

  • An in depth, personalized assessmentThis isn't a one-size-fits-all program--Your coaches will walk you through a customized testing phase designed to zero in on your strengths and weaknesses as an athlete.
  • A fully customized programProgress doesn't happen overnight. We'll build you a fully custom strength and conditioning program designed to absolutely transform you as an athlete week by week.
  • One-on-One CoachingYour coaches will be there to support you and keep you accountable every step of the way. Easily communicate with your coaching team through the CounterStrike app.

100% Privacy Guaranteed

"I’ve been working with Frank and CounterStrike for my entire UFC career and I can confidently say his help during and after my fight camps has been imperative to my success."

Shane Burgos

Top UFC featherweight

CounterStrike has helped put me in the best shape of my life and in a way that I whole-heartedly trust.

Gianni Grippo

World Champion Grappler

"Counterstrike has been an amazing game changer in my athletic performance and preparation. The program is well structured, detailed, and comprehensive."

Hector Santana

Amateur Muay Thai Champion

"CounterStrike has kept me injury free and in the best shape of my life. Wouldn’t know where I’d be without them."

Robert Varricchio

Undefeated Amateur MMA Fighter

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